The name's Sophia and this blog will basically have a variation of stuff that I enjoy. My fandoms include Clannad Afterstory, Katanagatari, Kimi Ni Todoke Umineko, Mawaru Penguindrum, Fire Emblem, FF series, Tales series and moree!. I'm a sucker for family-oriented fluff because it's so heartwarming! (i.e Bunny Drop). I hope you enjoy this blog and feel free ask or msg me :D

puella magi madoka magica: rebellion | homura's transformation

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Happy Easter! I don’t know what you do during Easter, but in Italy we eat a superb amount of chocolate, so it is the perfect Elsanna holiday, I even bought the Elsanna Easter Egg (because I’m an adult…) I’m not even joking.
Hope you will spend an amazing day with your family or friends or all by yourself doing whatever you love, even if you are not Christian/Catholic, just have a nice day :)
Also, I should draw Elsa and Anna as kids often, they are adorable, well … more adorable.


tools: photoshop CS5, wacom intuos4

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Psycho Pass: Akane Tsunemori (常守 朱) 

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Rebellion Transformation Sequences.

Mami | Kyouko | Sayaka | Homura | Madoka

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puella magi madoka magica: rebellion | madoka’s transformation