The name's Sophia and this is a multi-fandom blog of anime, videogames, and others. What I post depends on what series i'm into at the moment. My fandoms include Katanagatari, Umineko, Fate, Fire Emblem, and moree!. I hope you enjoy this blog and feel free to ask or msg me :D



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i just finished watching Dennou Coil and i liked it a whole lot more than i was expecting

i loved p much all the characters, but i gotta rep my girl Isako with a silly fanart :P

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HBD Sine-Eang ^^


Art by Sushio for the 本能寺学園第一回生徒襲会 event.

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Chrom, Lissa, and all my people…
…Know that I loved you.


Favorite Fictional Women: Yuko “Isako” Amasawa, Dennou Coil

"I was afraid. I was afraid to open my heart to someone. But I’m not afraid anymore."

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Anonymous said:
How do you think F!Avatar being married to Chrom would react to an M!Avatar that is married to Lucina?


This remind of a very stupid conversation I had with a friend who did that choice in his game, after I finished already the game and all…


And since I’m a troll in real life, when we met, I actually gave to him two tea filtres of fennel and something that had a lot of thorns on it. I laughed for two days at his face ahah X°D


Bravely Default Asterisk Meme - Agnes as a Performer

Requested by thebirthdaymuffin

drawing this was precious agnes is really precious

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